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In this post we shall review the second model of MINIPRO UNIVERSAL PROGRAMMER .This is same as the 866CS model but has the ability to program “IN CIRCUIT”. ICSP programming involves programming the chip leaving it on the existing board itself.This saves the hard work of removing the chip from board and again fixing it.

We shall see how to program PIC16F877A leaving the target IC on the demo board itself.The ZIF socket on programmer is not used & ICSP connector is used instead.

Open the MINIPRO IDE & select the target IC as PIC16F877A.


Instead of 40P Adapter selection (which is default) we’ll select the ICSP port seen under “Set Interface” & ensure that ICSP VCC is Enabled.If this is not enabled then a separate power source is needed for the target demo board.

Click on OK.


Now click on the INFORMATION button seen at the right top corner.

This will display the ICSP connection details between the programmer & the target board.

As the readymade wire supplied with the programmer may not match with all target boards , it is better to use separate wires.Here our target board has male berg pins.So Female to Female Jumper wires are used for the connections.


No separate power source is required for the target demo board as we’ve selected ICSP_VCC Enable.


To load the HEX file on to the buffer click File à Open & browse to the HEX file location.



Confirm that INTEL HEX is selected under File Format of File load Options & All Memory selected under To Region


Now click OK to see the HEX file loaded to the buffer .



  Click the P button on top to initiate Programming


Finally click on the Program button.


You can see the Programming Progressive bar.


Finally PROGRAMMING SUCCESSFUL message appears.



For Programming ATMEL 89Sxx ICs the procedure is same as above.The ICSP connections are known by clicking the INFORMATION button .


Once the connections are done as per the diagram , the HEX file developed using KEIL can be loaded on the buffer.Then Program can be done.

For AVR ICs following is the ICSP connection detail



MINIPRO 866A is a must have tool for all Embedded enthusiasts and Lap Top service Engineers.

The huge support of IC list and ICSP functionality makes it the most value for money product.Note that other manufacturers offer these support for a cost of around Rs.25000/- while the cost of MINIPRO 866A is around 5500/- & if you do not need ICSP ,it is only Rs.4500/- (866CS model).

Watch this support video :

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