DHT11 module can sense both Temperature and Humidity data.

As a module it has 3 pins .Vcc can be connected to 3.3v , as it can work with 3.3v.

Gnd to Gnd.

Data pin is connected to GPIO 13.


DOMOTICZ service is running on Raspberry PI which is on the same WIFI network as my PC.




Domoticz Dashboard can be accessed from a browser by typing in the address followed by port number


Image 3

Click on Setup –> Hardware

Select Type as DUMMY and provide a name

Image 4


Image 5

When you click ADD it appears on the list.

Image 6

Click on Create Virtual Sensors

Select Sensor Type as Temp+Hum

ans provide a name.

Image 7


Image 8


Click on OK .

The Virtual Sensor is visible under TEMPERATURE tab.


Image 11

If you want a description to be added , click on Edit and add description.


Image 12


Now go to ESP EASY by typing in the IP address

Under Controllers select protocol DOMOTICZ HTTP.

Image 13

Provide the IP address of DOMOTICZ Service and the port number.

Click Enabled.

Image 15


Under Devies click ADD.

Image 16

Select a device Environment DHT11

Image 17


Click Enabled and select the GPIO pin as GPIO 13.


Image 18

Interval is the REFRESH rate of DHT11.

DHT11 has a refresh rate of 1 sec , meaning every second it can send out data.

On DOMOTICZ Virtual Sensor you can see the display of Temperature and Humidity.

Image 20

video :