In this post we shall experience the new Windows 8 Start screen.

Windows 8 START Screen is called Modern or Metro Screen & is made up of Tiles.

I’ve made 3 videos to make you understand the new OS.


VIDEO1  : Working with TILES & getting back the START Menu

First video explains how to manage the Tiles on Start screen & how to get the Start Menu as in WIN7.

On Windows 8 Desktop there is no Start Menu.You’ve to work on the New Start SCREEN or the regular Desktop without the Traditional Start Menu.

A third party Software called Classic Shell can be installed to get back the usual Start menu.

Another Software ,POKKI for Windows8 also does the same work.

Watch the first  video  :



Windows 8–Working with TILES & getting back the START MENU


VIDEO 2 : Working with Search,Corners & Settings

The SEARCH in Windows 8 is very powerful.When you are in Start screen ,just start typing ,you’ll be taken to the Search

window & results are displayed on the fly.By default search is applied on Apps, but you can select Search on Settings or Files.

All the 4 CORNERS are important in Windows 8 Screen.They are used for easy Navigation.

Watch the 2nd Video :


Working with Search,Corners & Settings


VIDEO 3 : How to SHUT Down Windows8

To shut down Windows 8 you’ve to do more than two mouse clicks.The Power button is buried under Settings.

For easy access you can create a short cut for the Shutdown.To access My Computer & Control Panel , create shortcuts on Desktop.

This video demonstrates how to do these things :

Shut Down Windows8 , Create shortcuts for Computer,Control Panel