This AVR tutorial series aims to make you comfortable programming the  AVR Microcontroller chips .

Before we meet the actual hardware components ,it is a must to learn about the software tools that make programming a breeze.

For Windows platform WINAVR  is the most widely used compiler toolchain as it is Open source & supported by numerous online forums.This tutorial focuses on setting up this development environment.

There are other programs like CodeVision AVR,Image Craft AVR & BASCOM AVR.But these are commercial ones and offered with a hefty price tag.

We shall settle down with WinAvr and start with download WINAVR2010 from

As the server at has a limited bandwith, the download takes some time ,though it is a 28Mb file. 

Install the downloaded WinAvr software tools.Under All Programs you can see the installed components :

Image 2

WINAVR comprises of following tools :

A GNU GCC Compiler to convert your C code into .Hex file

A compiler library called avr-libc

MFile which is a Make file creator, which tells the compiler what commands to     run,what files to compile & link,what programmer to use,etc.,

A programming software , avrdude ,to fuse your .hex file on to the target AVR chip

A Programmer Notepad where you type in your C code & few others.

Instead of avrdude you can use the AVR STUDIO as a Visual designer platform.This can be used as an IDE with WINAVR as a plug-in.Now AVR STUDIO is called ATMEL STUDIO 6 (a bulky download of 850MB).In future videos we shall make use of this, as it is more powerful with Simulator,Intellisense,etc.,

For better understanding of AVR programming you should start with WINAVR tools.

cooltext753477087 is an economical small hardware using Atmega8L IC ,clocked by a 12.00Mhz crystal & loaded with firmware to burn your .hex files on to the target AVR chip.Programming speed is up to 5kBytes/sec.

USBASP is a well known USB programmer for Atmel AVR microcontroller & it is officially included and supported in WinAVR (now version 20100110  ).


usbdude    Usbasp is also called as AVR-Dude by the name of the programming software itself.

Download the drivers for UsbAsp from

Connect the UsbAsp hardware to your PC or Laptop using the A-B Usb cable.Windows informs that a new hardware was found and demands for the drivers.Open up the Device manager and right click Usbasp and browse to the folder where you downloaded the driver.Click Next to install the driver.

Now in Device manager you can see Usbasp hardware recognized.

Watch this 1 st video of WinAvr & Usbasp installation procedure :


AVR Programming : 1.WinAVR & Usbasp Installation


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