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wll  WLPRO software to burn .hex file


The 8051 USB Programmer designed by NSK Electronics,Bangalore is a perfect choice to program Atmel 89 series ICs like 89c2051,89c51,89c52,89s51 & 89s52.

It is a low cost programmer that works on USB port and no external power supply is needed.It works on Windows XP,Vista & Windows 7 .

It has got an onboard 40 pin ZIF socket for the target IC· Silicon labs smd IC CP2102 is used for USB to UART conversion and the drivers are installed for this IC operation.

Items you should keep in handy for this workshop are :

1.    KEIL software where you write your code to generate the Intel HEX file . This is the    file  you can fuse on a 89xx chip  .

Download this development tool from

after filling the Registration form. KEIL free version has a limitation of ROM code size 2K.

2. Download the WILPRO software from

or from!105

          This is the software through which you load & burn the HEX file created by KEIL on to  the target chip.

3. Purchase the hardware, 8051 USB Programmer.

          (available at Saravana Electronics,Coimbatore


To start with write your code within KEIL and generate the .hex file


Connect the USB programmer to your PC and install the drivers.You can download it from


Place the target chip on the ZIF socket of programmer .Take care to see that pin 1 of IC is near the Handle of ZIF socket.


This step is bit tricky. Be sure to follow up this carefully to get Online Mode

Fire up the WILLAR software.

At the right hand lower corner you should see ONLINE mode to confirm that your hardware is ready to program.

If  Demo mode is displayed you cannot connect the hardware to Willar software.In case you get a DEMO mode ,then open up the Device Manager,expand “Ports(COM & LPT)” and proceed as below :


deviceman     —>          deviceman 2

1.Right click Silicon Labs & select properties                   2. Select Port Settings


devman 3    —>  Image 4

3.Click ADVANCED under port settings         4.Under drop down select a COM port

                                                                                 number in single digit like COM2

 Image 5     —>   Image 6

5.Now try Hardware –> Reconnect                   6. You get ONLINE mode if you are done.

Now you are all set to program the chip.

Final STEP5

In WILLAR , under Device-> Select Device –> Atmel  -> select your target chip.

Then , File –> Load File , and browse to the location of your .HEX file (generated through KEIL)

Press F5 to auto program . Other functions like Read,Verify,Protect,..can be done through Operate  menu.

Support video for this workshop :

8051 USB programmer


Contact for availability of this programmer :

Saravana Electronics,

10,Edayar Street,Coimbatore

91422 2398827