This post will walk you through setting up a CCTV DVR for remote viewing on Mobile or PC.

Connect the cameras to your DVR using BNC connectors & provide the power supply to DVR.Connect a mouse to the USB port.To view the cameras the DVR can be connected to a monitor through the VGA output of DVR or to a TV through the Video out pin (you may need a BNC to RCA converter)

Connect the DVR to the Network Router (providing internet connection as well as LAN) using the RJ45 Ethernet cable.




For this demo I’m using BUSH PLUS DVR H-264 Model 9308 & a Linksys Router.

Right click on DVR screen to get the Menu list.




Click on Home & then click on Network tab.



For Net Link there are two options . Static IP & DHCP.

If you select Static IP ,you’ve to feed the IP address manually.

DHCP is Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol.Generally a Router is at the top of a Network & it assigns IP address to a device like DVR when connected to it.

Select this option DHCP.

Note down the IP Addresses.

Here the IP address of DVR is assigned as & the Gateway address is .

The Gateway address is the IP address of the Router.

To view DVR over Internet or Mobile you’ve to open two ports for the incoming traffic on your Router.



At the bottom you can see HTTP port assigned as 80.This is the default port for webservice WWW.




Click on the arrow mark next to Netservice to know the Mobile port number.

Here the Mobile port number is shown as Mobile Monitor & port assigned is 34599


Image 2


Now we shall see how to open these two ports 80 (HTTP) &  34599 (Mobile)  inside Router’s settings.

This process is called Port Forwarding.




Open a web browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox.Type in the Gateway IP address

Following table is a list of some Routers with IP address ,Username & password.



In this demo we’re using a LinkSys Router.  So type in the IP

User Name is admin & password is also admin

Image 2


Setup Window of Router opens.

You can note that the Router IP address as well as Network IP address are displayed.

Image 3


Click on Application & Gaming tab.

Image 4


Click on Port Range Forwarding tab.

Enter any name  under application , say , DVR . Under start , as well as End enter the HTTP port 80.

Select Protocol as Both. Under IP address enter the IP of DVR. Here it is

Check mark the Enable.

Same way enter application name as DVR1 for the Mobile port enabling. Under Start & End enter 34599 .Protocol is Both & IP is the address of DVR.

Save the settings.



Now it’s time to check whether the Forwarded Ports can be seen from outside over Internet.

For this open the web browser & visit

This website displays your current external IP address , along with a question “What Port ?”

Enter the HTTP port 80 & click on Check port button.

You should see a “Success : I can see your service on IP on port 80 “.

Again check for the mobile port 34599 to see a success.

If you do not get a success , the port forwarding you’ve done is not correct.Again open the Router Setup & check the correct entries for port forwarding.Check whether the Enable box is checked.



Once you see Success on this site , you can go ahead with your Mobile installation.


For Windows 8 Mobiles install from the store an application called MEYEPRO


Image5              Image 6

Under Devices feed in the device info like IP address ,Mobile port number (34599) , User Name of DVR (admin) & its password (blank).

Once you enter the correct details, you can view your cameras connected to DVR over the Windows Mobile.e


Image 7              Image8


For ANDROID phones install  VMEYEPRO


Enter the Device info as we did for the Windows phone for a mobile view of DVR.

Please note that here I’ve used Dynamic IP address ,which changes every time the router is switched off & On again.To get a Static IP address which is fixed & do not change , contact your Internet Service Provider & get the address for a monthly rent.

There is also another option.Get a DYNDNS account (which is also not free now,yearly $25).This account will keep track of your Dynamic address & provide you a static one.


Watch this Support Video :



How to view your CCTV DVR on Mobile

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