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The older XBEE modules S2 & S1 are not capable of communicating  with each other. S2 can talk only to S2 , S1 with S1 .You cannot mix the modules. The new XBEE S2C is capable of communicating with S2 as well as S1 modules. For S2C to S2C configuration you can check out the […]

DIGI International has recently introduced the new ZIGBEE S2C Module .The previous S2 & the traditional S1 both are discontinued. The new module is powerful with both UART & SPI communication . Operating frequency band is The industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) radio band ISM 2.4 – 2.5 GHz It utilizes Silicon labs EM357 transceiver […]

Configuring XBEEs using ARDUINO

  Generally an USB explorer board is required to configure an XBEE .But the cost of this board is bit high as it has USB to UART IC. Your ARDUINO board comes in handy & here’s the trick .. Upload an empty sketch  on to the Arduino   void setup() { } void loop() { […]

                               For a point to point data transmission S1 modules are handy as they are capable of Direct I/O transmission.You can connect a sensor node like a temperature sensor or door switch to an I/O pin of S1 module and program the other module to follow the changes happening to that I/O pin.The changes reflect […]

This tutorial explains how to control an I/O pin of a remote XBEE by sending API frames from a base XBEE. Materials required : 2 nos XBEE S1 modules 1 USB XBEE Explorer board 1 XBEE breakout board Jumper wires & LED. One of the radios works as a Base & the other one as […]


  In this post we shall see how to line pass Analog signal between XBEEs. We make use of S1 series (802.15.4) XBEEs for this demo.Do not try this with S2 series XBEEs ,as S2 do not support I/O line passing. Configure the S1 modules for point to point communication using XCTU. The Transmit side […]

In this post I shall explain  how to recover a non responsive XBEE modem. I’ve an USB XBEE adapter on which a S1 PRO modem is plugged on. When I tried to reconfigure a S1 PRO (802.15.4) Modem , it went unresponsive.Any attempt to write Firmware failed & Recovery process was unsuccessful.   Before starting […]

XBEEs can be used without a micro controller thus reducing the cost of the project.In this post we shall see how to configure S1 series XBEEs for Digital In/Out. Two Series 1 XBEE Radios are configured to communicate with each other initially. XBee radios can be configured for up to 8 digital input pins that […]

XBEEs can be used alone , without a microcontroller.This is called XBEE DIRECT.It enables projects that are truly wireless & saves space,power & cost of the project. Tarang XBEEs have limited I/O pins.By default all I/O pins are DIGITAL OUTPUTs .Some of the pins can be configured as DIGITAL or Analog INPUTs.TARANG modules do not […]

  Tarang modules are factory configured XBEE  modules ready to use for Point To Point Communication.They operate within ISM 2.4 GHz frequency band & comply with Wireless protocol IEEE 802.15.4 (Series 1 XBEE). XBEEs can only talk at their configured Baud Rates.Default Baud is  3 , meaning 9600 bits per second Baud. Changing the Baud […]