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ESP32-CAM is a camera module based on ESP32. It comes with an OV2640 2 MP camera and provides onboard SD memory card slot. It is suitable for home smart devices,  wireless monitoring, and other IoT applications. ESP32 CAM module has on board PSRAM. The OV2640 camera module on the ESP32 Camera board can support a […]

For HOME AUTOMATION project we use a 4 channel Relay board of 5v Relays. This is LOW enabled , a LOW at input makes the RELAY ON. So on start up these input pins must be pulled HIGH. NodeMCU is loaded with ESPEASY FIRMWARE . You can check this post on how to load. The […]

DHT11 module can sense both Temperature and Humidity data. As a module it has 3 pins .Vcc can be connected to 3.3v , as it can work with 3.3v. Gnd to Gnd. Data pin is connected to GPIO 13. DOMOTICZ service is running on Raspberry PI which is on the same WIFI network as my […]

In the previous post we installed ESPEASY over NODEMCU. This post is on controlling an LED connected to GPIO 12 of NODEMCU from DOMOTICZ Service.     My Raspberry PI and PC both are on same Local Area Network , i.e connected to same WIFI Router . Domoticz is installed on RPI       […]


Video :   ESP module can be turned into an IOT MULTIFUNCTION Sensor device by  installing  ESP EASY Firmware on to the module. For HOME AUTOMATION projects it suits well and can be easily controlled from application servers like DOMOTICZ. Configuration of the ESP EASY is entirely web based , so once the firmware is […]

ULTRASONIC sensor is  popular in many applications where measuring distance or sensing objects are required. The module has two eyes in the front which forms the Ultrasonic transmitter and Receiver.   1.Vcc  The Vcc pin powers the sensor, typically with +5V,The current consumed by the sensor is less than 15mA 2.Trigger Trigger pin is an […]

DHT11 is a low-cost digital sensor for sensing temperature and humidity and can be easily interfaced with ESP32 on Micropython. DHT11 sensor consists of a capacitive humidity sensing element and a thermistor for sensing temperature. Temperature range of DHT11 is from 0 to 50 degree Celsius with a 2-degree accuracy. Humidity range of this sensor […]

The mini OLED 0.96 in display is 128 x 64 pixels and communication protocol is I2C. There is also a SPI version which has more pins 6 or 7. The I2C model has only 4 pins Vcc,Gnd,SCL & SDA. The supply volt is 3.3 to 5v. As an I2C device it has got an address […]

  Built in ADC of ESP32 can be used to read analog values from sensors like potentiometer,LDR,Load cell,Thermistor,etc.. On the ESP32 ADC functionality is available on Pins 32-39. Only the pins of ADC1 are enabled for ADC.  ADC2 is not enabled in Micropython. pins 36-39 are recommended for analog input due to the available preamplifier. […]

  Pulse width modulation is used in a variety of applications particularly for control. It can be used for the dimming of LEDs, varying speed of motors  and controlling the angle of servo motors In ESP32 PWM can be initiated on all output-enabled pins.   PWM is digital, which means that it has two states: […]