In the previous post we have seen the installation of PLATFORM IO on VS CODE.

While connecting the ESP32 to PC the PLATFORM IO detects AND ASSIGNS the COM port automatically.

To see the COM port click on DEVICES icon.

Refresh button can be pressed if new connection is made.


Image 36

If more than one COM port is listed , then you can select the COM port manually.

In this demo ,I ‘ve connected  another USB-TTL device with CP2102. To another USB port ESP32

is connected.

Image 37

Click the Refresh button under DEVICES  to view all the COM Ports.Here COM5 is allotted to ESP32 &

COM21 to USB-TTL device.

TO SELECT  COM port 5 Manually, open the platform.ino file.

Add this line at the end.


Save & upload code to see COM port 5 selected & used.


Image 40


Now let us see the solution for the error we encountered in previous post.

Under Arduino.h we received a Squiggle red line indicating error & Intellisense regarding Arduino core was not effective. Arduino.h file was not recognized.

Image 6



If you move the cursor over the Squiggles you see a balloon.Clicking on this shows some solution for the problem.But this was not successful.

Image 8

Finally I got the solution from Plaform IO forum.

Just DELETE the folder .vscode under Explorer.


Image 26

Right click .vscode folder & just DELETE it.





Now close the VS code & restart again .

The Squiggles are gone & new .vscode folder is automatically created.


Image 30

Now Intellisense regarding Arduino.h is working Fine

Image 35



Image 10