The older XBEE modules S2 & S1 are not capable of communicating  with each other. S2 can talk only to S2 , S1 with S1 .You cannot mix the modules.

The new XBEE S2C is capable of communicating with S2 as well as S1 modules.

For S2C to S2C configuration you can check out the previous post Here

XBEE S2C with S2

Place an XBEE S2C module on USB adapter & plug on to USB port of your Laptop.Open the XCTU & search for the radio.Once the radio is detected , select it & load the settings.

Image 2


The product family is XB24C  & the Function set is ZIGBEE TH Reg.  (Through Hole Regular).

Image 3

The PANID is set to 1234.

The same PANID to be set for the other Radio also.The Destination LOW address is FFFF which makes the Radio to BROADCAST mode.

AP is TRANPARENT mode which is AT mode

NI is Node Identifier which you can name it as COORDINATOR.

Image 4


Image 5

Click on the PENCIL icon on top to WRITE the settings made.

Now plug the S2 module on another USB adapter & plug it to other USB port .

Search for the Radio & select it.

Image 6

Load the settings & click on the UPGRADE FIRMWARE button.

Select the product family as XB24-ZB & the Function set as ZIGBEE ROUTER AT

Image 7


Click on FINISH button to complete the upgrade action.


Image 8


Image 9


Set the PANID as 1234 , same as that of COORDINATOR.

JV is ENABLED , so that the radio joins Coordinator on power on.

DL is set to 0 , which is the default address of coordinator.

Image 10

Now the S2 module is configured as Router.

Leave this module on the XCTU & close the Coordinator module.

Start another instance of XCTU window & search for the COM port , select the Coordinator Radio.

Place the XCTU windows side by side.Coordinator to the left & Router to the Right.

Image 11

Click on the Terminal icon on the top & then click the SERIAL connect icon.The open Serial icon now changes to a closed one.Do this on both the windows.

Image 12

Type in some message inside S2C window which will be received by the Router.Both way communication is possible (Full Duplex)


Image 13

S2C with S1

Now pull out the S2 module from USB adapter & replace it with S1 module.

S2C is left on the same USB port.

S2C module is to be upgraded Firmware 802.15.4TH .

Click on the Upgrade Firmware icon & select XB24C –> 802.15.4 TH & the latest version.

Click Finish to upgrade.

Image 14


The CHANNEL is left to default C.

PAN ID is 1234 , DL is FFFF

MY address is 0





Now start another instance of XCTU & select the COM port where S1 is plugged on.

Select the Radio & load the settings.

S1 belongs to Function set XB24  –>802.15.4



The Channel is set as C

& PAN ID 1234   same as that of Coordinator

DL –> 0  MY address is 1 & CE is set to END DEVICE.c

Image 17

Click on WRITE button to save the changes made.

Place both the XCTU windows side by side.

Click on TERMINAL icon & then SERIAL Lock on both the windows.

Test for communication by typing some message which appears on the other window.

Image 50

Watch this Support Video  :