In this blog series I’ll post tutorials on using PIC16F877A .You’ll learn the basics starting from installation of the new MPLABX IDE along with the C compiler XC8 .

Further you’ll learn all demo programs like blinking LED, driving a 7 segment display, driving a relay,driving a servo motor,controlling a stepper motor, interfacing keypad matrix, interfacing 16 x 2 LCD, UART control for serial communication,etc.,

To start with we shall walk through the installation of IDE with XC8 compiler.

Download the MPLABX IDE  (375 Mb)  from :

& XC8 compiler (180 Mb) for 12F,16F,18F series of PIC controllers from :

MPLAB XC Compiler licenses are available as Free editions and have the option of a 60-day PRO evaluation trial.After trial time you can continue using the compiler but without optimization .i.e your final hex  code will be larger.

Following is the screenshot of the installer files downloaded for MPLABX installation.

  Image 1

Double click on MPLABX installer application (version 2.26 at the time of this post) .

Setup window opens up.Leave the installation directory to default settings C:\ProgramFiles\Microchip\MPLABX


Image 2            Image 3


Select both the IDE and IPE .Click on Next button to start installing the IDE.


Image 4      Image 5


Once the installation is over you’ll be guided to download XC8 compiler if the XC compiler button is checked.

Image 6     Image 7

Now double click the XC8 compiler installer application


Image 8            Image 9


Leave the installation directory to default.

               Image 10    

On the next screen select all the options as Compiler settings.

      Image 11




Image 12           Image 13


Once the installation is completed you can see the MPLABXIDE & MPLABXC8 folders under All Programs.


Image 14      Image 15


Click on the MPLABX IDE v2.26 to start the IDE.


Image 16


In the next post we shall see how to blink an LED , a HELLO WORLD program to start with any Microcontroller.