In the previous posts  I’ve  described in detail how to dual Boot Windows 8.1 with Ubuntu Linux.Link here.

In this post I shall demonstrate the steps of dual booting Windows 8.1 with Fedora 20 Linux.


Download the 64 BIT ISO image of FEDORA 20 from here :

Create a live DVD from this iso image.If you do not know how to create a live DVD read on this

" href=’">" href="">" href=""> ‘> The Live DVD can be created using a freeware burner software BurnAware

Following are the steps in creating the dual boot :

1. Create a Recovery media of Windows 8.1 with a 16GB pendrive.You can type on the Tiles window “Recovery “ & select “Create a Recovery Media”.Follow the instructions to create the media.

2. Create an Unallocated space from the Disk Management window.To open this type in “Disk “ on Tiles window & select “Create & Format hard disk partitions”.

Right click on C:\ drive & shrink the volume.Here I’ve created 100GB unallocated space to host Fedora Linux.

3. Windows 8.1 has advanced boot process which does not allow a dual booting.We’ve to disable 2 features of Windows.First is the Fast Start up.Type in “Power “ on Tiles window & select Power Options”.

Select the option which says “Choose what the power button does “ & then click on “Change settings that are currently unavailable “.

Scroll down & Uncheck the option “ Turn On fast startup” . Save the changes.

4. Finally we’ve to Disable the SECURE BOOT of Windows.

Move the mouse to the Right bottom corner to open the Charms bar.Open the Settings & under Power button select the Restart.

Keep pressing the SHIFT key & then click on Restart .

Now  the Advanced options screen opens.Select Troubleshoot & then click on Advanced Options.

Click on UEFI FIRMWARE Settings & then Restart


Under SECURITY tab of UEFI setup DISABLE the SECURE BOOT option & Exit saving changes.

5. Now place the Live DVD & Restart. To boot from the DVD go to the Charms bar  (right bottom corner) & select settings.

Under Power button select Restart.Keep pressing the SHIFT key , click on Restart.

On the advanced screen select USE A DEVICE & then select EFI DVD/CDROM to boot from the DVD.

Start Fedora Live & select Install to Hard drive.Follow the instructions till you get the Dual boot screen.Fedora installation is automatic  and much easier to dual boot than Ubuntu.

Watch this video on Step by step method in Dual booting process :