My Youtube account was suspended earlier this Month .I received a mail stating that one of my videos was given “community strike” for not following the Guidelines.The suspension mail also came along with this mail.I read the Community guidelines many times to understand what would’ve went wrong.But I couln’t make it out as my videos are simple demo videos for students to get through their Engineering projects.

Finally I got a link to Appeal for the Suspension.After 2 days I got a mail that my videos are within their Guidelines (???) & my channel was activated.







The story has not ended.

I uploaded a video yesterday, soon after I got a mail again that my account was suspended.I’ve followed their guidelines strictly, but my account was terminated without warning and without any explanation.




As you know , my videos are basically of Tutorials & how to types supporting the projects of Engineering students.I see no reason for the Suspension.I do not spam or copy contents of others.

I create my own videos on my hands on experience.

My 2 years of hard work , 100 videos , 2 lakh+ views & more over my 1000+ subscribers all vanished in a moment.I’m left out helpless & wounded as Youtube refuse to answer or indicate what went wrong.

They simply display an automated notice stating that the videos are not within guidelines.

Please comment below if you’d ever seen my videos.You may comment on support of my videos or demand for a reason from Youtube. You comments may help me reactivate the channel.

For now I’ve created an account with Dailymotion , where I shall post the videos for now.