On new installation of Ubuntu , you may get the following problem while trying to install some program like g++.


g  1


On Ubuntu forums if you seek help ,mostly you get suggestion to update & install “build essentials”


g  2

Even after a long update you cannot install build essential , as there are “broken packages”


g  3

The solution to this problem is achieved through the SYNAPTIC PACKAGE MANAGER . In UBUNTU 13.10 this package manager has been replaced by the UBUNTU SOFTWARE CENTER.

We make use of Ubuntu Software center to install back the Synaptic Package Manager.

Under search box type in “synaptic” & click on install against the Synaptic package manager.




Type in your system password to authenticate action.


Once the Synaptic package manager window appears, click on the RELOAD button to download package info.Ensure that you’re connected to internet for this action.




After the download is completed type in “build essential” inside the search box.

All packages related to your search appears.

Select the  “build-essential” package .Right click and select “Mark for installation”.Ensure that you see a tick mark indicating selection.

Synaptic Package Manager _013





Synaptic Package Manager will automatically fix the dependency problem & at the bottom of the window you can see a Success message.


Image 12

In the same way you can type in “g++” inside search box & select the g++ package.

You can click on Edit-> Fix Broken packages again to fix the dependency problem for g++.

Open the Terminal & type in

g++ –version

to confirm installation of g++.

Image 13

Also you can type in

sudo apt-get install build-essential

to confirm Build dependency information.As we’ve done this through synaptic package manager, we get a status “build-essential is already the newest version”.

Image 14