This post is continuation to the previous post (part 1 , part 2 )on dual booting & intended to recovery of Windows 8 UEFI boot.

After setting up the dual boot , you may land up with a problem of booting straight into Ubuntu & no option screen  for dual booting process is displayed.This problem can be easily resolved using a Live DVD of Ubuntu (which we used for installation) & executing a program called BOOT REPAIR.

BOOT REPAIR is a small graphical tool to repair frequent boot problems.
– repair the boot when an OS does not boot any more after installing Ubuntu
– repair the boot when access to GRUB and any OS is lost

– reinstall GRUB boot loader easily
– create a Boot Info Summary in 1 click !

Place the Live Ubuntu DVD on drive and restart your laptop.Keep tapping on F12 key (this is for DELL Inspiron model ,the key may be different for yours) ,to get single boot option window.


Move down to select the DVD path for boot up & hit Enter.

Choose “Try Ubuntu “ & ensure that you’re connected to internet.

Now your laptop boots up to Ubuntu from the live DVD &  a “live-session” (Ubuntu desktop running on RAM) will appear.

Open the Firefox browser & visit the site  :


Scroll down the page and copy this command :


sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair && sudo apt-get update


From the Dash open up the Terminal & paste the above command.

Press ENTER.

A PPA, Personal Package Archive, is a collection of software not included in Ubuntu by default. Typically these repositories focus on a single program, and maintained by individuals.

PPAs provide updates for your favorite software at a much quicker rate than Ubuntu itself. So you can decide which software you want to keep up to date and leave the rest to Ubuntu.

Once you install new software, updates will come to you through the Ubuntu Update Manager.

You just need to type “sudo add-apt-repository” followed by the name of your PPA(bootrepair is maintained by yannubuntu).

Then all you need to do is update your package manager and install the program you’re looking for.

Now copy & paste this command :


sudo apt-get install –y boot-repair && (boot-repair &)

– Press ENTER

Boot Repair unpacking & setting up process starts automatically.



Boot Repair then detects the EFI partition. Click OK.



Next  is the final Repair options screen.Here click on  the  “Recommended Repair “ option. You can also click on “Create Bootinfo summary” so that you can paste the info on Ubuntu forums to get on line help.

Do not play with the Advanced options unless you’re aware of things to do.



You may get a display to copy and paste some commands.If you’re directed to do so ,copy the commands displayed one by one & open up the Terminal to execute it.






Finally click on Forward & click on Yes on the next WINEFI detected screen.



When you get this “Boot successfully repaired “ screen ,RESTART  your system.



Now the GRUB is restored & on the boot up screen you can see Ubuntu along with Windows 8 loaders.



In the next post we shall see how to clean up unwanted entries on the boot up screen.


Watch this support video :




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