In Part 1 we’ve seen steps 1 through 5 , creating backup of Windows, creating Live Ubuntu DVD, Creating a partition to host Ubuntu, Disabling Fast boot & Disabling Secure Boot.

In this part 2 we shall see how to boot from Live Dvd & install Ubuntu on the free space we’ve created earlier.


STEP 6: Booting from Live UBUNTU DVD


Place the live DVD on drive & reboot system .Tap F12 or DEL key (this key varies according to the manufacturer) while booting starts so that we can select DVD option to start from.



Select the DVD Path & press Enter to boot from DVD.

You get options to Try OR Install Ubuntu.


Welcome window appears where you select the language as English.


Click on Next.

Do not select the UPDATES for now , as the installation will take hours to finish.You can continue with Updates soon after the installation.

Image 8


Also disconnect the Internet connection.If internet connection is available the installation will look up for release files from the net.As everything is in the live DVD ,it is better to disconnect the internet.



STEP 7 : Creating partitions within UBuntu space


This step is the most important part of installation.

On the Installation type window select the last option “Something Else” & click on Install Now.

Be cautious in this selection.If you select the first option your Windows partition will be erased for ever.



Next window is the disk management window where you can see the free space you created earlier (25GB on F: drive).


Image 4


Now we’ve to create following 4  partitions to host Ubuntu

1.   /boot    – 300MB  PRIMARY partition for boot space of Ubuntu.

2.   /    – 10GB LOGICAL Root partition (you can allot size as you wish)

3.  /home    – 12GB LOGICAL  for Home partition.

4.  Swap  – 4GB  This size is same that of system RAM.


Double click on “free space” or click on the + symbol seen at the left bottom corner.

A new Create partition window appears.Enter the size as 300MB ,select type of partition as Primary,file system as Ext4  & mount point as /boot

Click OK to see a 300MB partition created as per your allotment.



Now click on the + symbol to create a second partition.

The size is 10GB , type is Logical ,file system is EXT4 & Mount point is  /


Image 6


Click OK .

You can see the partitions you created as below & the free space has reduced accordingly.




Click again the + symbol.

Create 3rd partition of size around 12GB  (here we’ve deducted the RAM 4 GB  from the free space 15915 MB  to arrive at 11915 MB).

The type of partition is Logical ,File system is EXT4 & Mount Point is /HOME.




Finally click the + symbol & allot the balance 4 GB as Swap area as seen below :







Now click od INSTALL NOW to start the installation automatically.

Select the location as Kolkatta & keyboard layout as English.

Provide your name & password.You can also opt to Log in automatically.


For Ubuntu One user , you can select “Log in LATER”.





Finally when you see Installation Complete window, click on Restart Now.


UBUNTU’s GRUB will take over the boot process & display the list of OS available.You can select UBUNTU or Windows to boot with.


Watch this Video of Dual Booting Step by Step :



Dual Booting WINDOWS 8.1 WITH UBUNTU 13.10 64 BIT

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