My Arduino IDE has suddenly developed a peculiar problem.It takes a long time to load up & when I tried to upload or verify a Sketch the whole OS freezes.

Mine is 32 bit Win 7 OS .I tried updating Java ,updating MS Windows Update, but didn’t help.While the OS hangs there is no action of mouse,keyboard.I couldn’t even open the Task manager.

Then I tried replacing the USB cable & even I replaced the UNO board with Mega.Unbelievably  the problem persisted even after restoring my Windows to an earlier point.

Finally I got a simple solution for this problem.

Apart from the installation folder inside Program Files , there is a folder named Arduino inside MyDocuments folder to store your Sketches.

This is the path to the sketches folder





I renamed the folder to Arduino_old & re launched the IDE.



The IDE reported that the sketchbook folder is missing.On clicking OK ,I could see a new Arduino folder created automatically.



I then copied the Sketches inside the old folder to the new one.



Surprisingly the IDE worked smoothly.

Watch this support video :

Solution to Arduino IDE Problems

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