Nowadays Laptops come preloaded with Windows 8 OS. For our Embedded software installation it is not possible to install Drivers , as WIN8 has added security against unsigned drivers.

For Windows 8 to accept drivers , we’ve to disable the security measure of testing unsigned drivers.

Particularly while trying to install AVR USB  drivers ,this security measure won’t allow you to install the drivers.

Follow the steps explained below to over ride this problem.


Under Charms bar click on the Gear icon “Settings”

Image 17


On next screen click on “Change PC Settings”

Image 18


On PC Settings screen under General scroll down to bottom to select “Restart Now “under Advanced StartUp

Image 19


Click On  Trouble shoot option

Image 20


Click On Advanced Options under Troubleshoot screen

Image 21


Select StartUp Settings

Image 22


Click Restart

Image 23


A list of Start Up Settings appear. Press number 7 on your key board to Disable Driver Signature Enforcement.

Image 24

Now your PC reboots with driver signature enforcement disabled.

Once you did this you will be able to install unsigned drivers.

Now connect your USBasp programmer to the USB port of your laptop. Ignore the message that ‘Device driver software was not successfully installed’.

Download USBasp drivers here

and extract it somewhere on your PC.

Go to Device Manager in control Panel and you will find ‘USBasp’ with yellow mark. Click on it and select ‘Update Driver Software.’

Image 27

select ‘Browse my computer for driver software’. After this browse to the location where you have extracted the USBasp drivers

Click next and ignore the security warning ‘Windows can’t verify the publisher of this driver software’ and select ‘Install this driver software anyway’

Image 28


Image 26

Now the drivers are successfully installed & you’ll see this :


Image 29