In this post we shall see how to line pass Analog signal between XBEEs.

We make use of S1 series (802.15.4) XBEEs for this demo.Do not try this with S2 series XBEEs ,as S2 do not support I/O line passing.

Configure the S1 modules for point to point communication using XCTU.

The Transmit side XBEE connections are as below :

Image 2

An XBEE adapter is used to plug on XBEE to breadboard.Pin 1 is connected to +ve rail & pin 10 to GND.

A 10k potentiometer is used to vary analog input.The center pin of pot is connected to pin 20 of XBEE which is defined as Analog input (ATD02) .The sampling rate at which data is collected is set to 20 msec (hex value 14 – ATIR14).

One end of pot is connected to +ve rail & other end to GND.

Pin 14 which is the VREF is connected to the +ve rail.This connection is a must which gives XBEE a reference for what voltage an analog sensor is working.


At the Receive side an LED is connected to pin 6.

This pin 6 is the PWM 0 of XBEE S1 .PWM acts like Digital to Analog converter to output an analog signal.

Setting is done in XCTU (ATP02) to make PWM0 as PWM output.

The I/O addressing is set to source address of Transmit XBEE. This is set using ATIA10.


Image 3


XCTU settings for Tx & Rx


Image 1


Image 2.2


Image 3.1


Now if you vary the potentiometer at Transmit side , the LED varies intensity at Rx side.

Watch this support video :