PICKIT2 Lite is a clone hardware to fuse the HEX file on to the target PIC Microcontroller.The advantage of this USB Programmer is that you can program the HEX file from within the MPLAB IDE &  no standalone PICKIT2 software is required.

It is built on PIC18F2550 IC which is loaded with PIC Firmware & Boot loader.PIC18F2550  has an inbuilt USB interface avoiding the need for an external USB-UART circuit.

PICKIT2 Lite is an ICSP – In Circuit Serial Programmer 


              Picture 24


The 5 pins on PICKIT2 namely   VPP (MCLR) , VDD (+5V) , GND , DAT (PGD) , CLK (PGC)

are used for In Circuit Programming.While programming , a 12v is generated by PICKIT2 & applied to MCLR pin of PIC controller , while data flows in through PGD pin controlled by the PGC Clock cycle.

The AUX pin is used only with PIC microcontrollers that support LVP –Low Voltage programming.


The PICKIT2 programmer can be connected to a PIC DEMO Board using jumper wires according to following connection details. :

Image 1


As per above details connections to ICSP made & shown below:


Picture 25


Now you can open the project in MPLAB IDE & from within the MPLAB IDE you can initiate PICKIT2 & Program the HEX code on to the Flash ROM of PIC chip.

Connect USB cable to PC.Open the project in MPLAB IDE.

Under Programmer –> Select Programmer –> Select PICKIT2

Image 3


If PICKIT2 is not detected automatically , click on Programmer – > Connect

Image 4

Your hardware will be detected .The IC placed on the ZIF socket is also detected.


Image 5

Now you can click on Programmer –> Program to fuse the HEX file on to the PIC microcontroller.


Image 6


Watch this support Video :



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