In this post we shall review the XBEE Radio TARANG.

Melange Systems P Ltd ,Bangalore supply TARANG modules which are XBEE Series 1 compliant.

The Break Out boards are manufactured by NSK Electronics,Bangalore & distributed by Saravana Electronics,Coimbatore.


               image                    Picture 59

                         TARANG XBEE Module              TARANG on USB BreakOut Board


Support Video for this post: Part1 : Usage of Tarang Modules on Breakout  Boards   & configuring using TMFT program 

TARANG Modules configuring using TMFT Software


In this workshop we shall make use of USB breakout boards.These are very handy to use & no external power adapter is required.Just plug in the Tarang module in to the socket and connect the USB cable to one of the USB ports of your PC.

While plugging in the module on to the USB breakout board take care to insert the right way. Pin 1 is power (3.3v DC) & Pin 10 is Ground..


Connect one of the USB board with Tarang module to one of the USB port of your PC & the second one to other USB port.

Open the Device Manager & scroll down to expand Ports.


Your USB boards are allotted COM ports.If they are not recognized , then download the FTDI drivers from HERE.

FTDI is the device on USB BreakOut board that provides Virtual Com Port (VCP).

We are going to use a Program called TMFT – Tarang Multi Function Tool  to configure the modules.

Download the Program here.

Fire up the TMFT.

Your ports are already recognized & displayed under Select Com Port.

Make sure the Serial Port is selected & select COM 13 to configure the Modem connected to it.The port settings should be Baud Rate – 9600 , 8N1.


Now click on Query Modem.TMFT detects a Modem connected to COM13 port.Click OK.

If not detected , try to pull out the module from USB board and place it the Right way that Pins 1 & 10 are placed correctly.Press Reset button.


Click on Terminal  or press Ctrl+T to open the in built Terminal Program.


Keep this Terminal aside and open up second instance of TMFT program.

Now select the second port COM14 and click on Query Modem.TMFT will confirm the detection of another Tarang Modem.


Click Ok & then open the Terminal by pressing Ctrl+T.

Place both the Terminals side by side.

To the left is the Terminal for COM13 & to the Right is for COM14.




Now click inside COM13 terminal and start typing some text.You can see the Tx Light blinking at the bottom & the text is received by COM14. The Rx light at bottom blinks while receiving text .


Congrats !!  Now you are communicating between two Tarang modules in Wireless mode.

Using Transmit File facility in the Terminal you can transmit the contents of a Text file.To test this , open up Notepad & type some text.Save it as some text file.

Click on Transmit File & browse to the location where you stored the text file.Click Open.

Now you can see the contents of Text file Received under COM14 Terminal.

AT Commands

Tarang modules can be configured using AT commands.Within the Terminal of TMFT program type 3 consecutive +++  symbols to enter Command Mode.Just type  +++ ,do not even type Enter.

Video : Part 2 AT commands with TARANG

TARANG module configure with AT Commands


All AT commands used by Tarang modules are sorted by category.

After typing AT ,the category should be mentioned.The categories are

G – General category  N – Networking   S – Serial Interface

P – Power Commands     I – Input/Output Control ….. 

ATG  — General category


ATN – Networking category


ATS  — Serial Interface


ATP  — Power Commands


ATI – Input Output Control


Some Read Only Commands 

Image 17

Note that till you give ATGEX command the module will remain in Command mode.

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