CC2500 is a low cost 2.4GHz Transceiver designed for very low power wireless application. It utilizes Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) & all registers of ChipCon can be programmed with one ‘burst’ transfer.It has a complete Onchip Frequency Synthesizer & no external RF switch or filters are required.

CC2500 is a proprietary RF IC compliant with Zigbee platform & as such it is not a Xbee Radio.It works on same frequency 2.4Ghz & is similar to Xbee.

cc2500_thumb2 Image-3_thumb2

                 CC2500 RF IC                                        CC2500 CHIP on RS232 Dongle

Watch this video on types of XBEE Modules available in the market:

Types of XBEE Modules : CC2500,TARANG,XBEE,XBEE PRO


For this workshop you need :

1. A Pair of Texas modules CC2500 fixed on  RS232 dongle .

2. A Pair of USB to UART boards (using Silicon Labs CP2102 IC).

3. RS232 STRAIGHT CABLE 2 nos. for connecting CC2500 to USB-UART board.

4. A-B type of USB cable 2 nos.

5. 9v Power adapters for CC2500 dongles.

 Image-3_thumb2  rs232pxc2_cj2_p0289_12 usb-ab-cable

 CC2500 With RS232       RS232 Cable                USB To UART           A-B USB Cable

Connect the USB-UART board to one USB port of your PC using the A-B USB cable.Use the RS232 straight cable to connect CC2500 dongle to the UART board.Provide a power supply adapter to the CC2500 dongle .

Same connection setup is done for another USB port of your PC.

You can also use a second PC or Laptop for connecting the other CC2500 module.

Open up the Device Manager and scroll down to Ports.There you should see  both UART boards  allotted COM ports.If they are not recognized  by Windows then download & install the CP2102 Silicon Labs drivers.

Download the Silabs Driver kit here.

Image 1

We shall make use of 2 Terminal Programs to communicate with our CC2500.

One is the TeraTerm & other one is the COOLTERM.Download these Terminals.

Open the TeraTerm. Under Setup click Terminal



In the Terminal setup window select the NewLine Receive & Transmit as Carriage Return + LineFeed (CR+LF)

Check the Local echo box so that you  see what you type inside the terminal.

   Image 4

Under Setup click Serial Port .

Select the Port as COM9 (First Module connected to this port) ,Baud Rate as 9600

Data – 8 bit , Parity – None ,Stop – 1bit .This setting is technically called 96008N1.

Image 5

Click OK .

Now open the next Terminal program COOLTERM.You can also use a second instance of TeraTerm , but to be comfortable use a second Terminal program.

Click Options to open the Preferences window.

Under Serial port select the second port COM10 & then 96008N1.

Image 9

Under Terminal make sure the Terminal Mode is Raw Mode & Local Echo is ticked.

Image 10

Click Ok.

Now place both the Terminals Side by Side as shown below.

Image 11

Click inside TeraTerm window and type some Text.You can see the text received under CoolTerm window.Same way you select CoolTerm window and type in some text.This will be received inside TeraTerm.

Congrats ! You’ve established a Wireless communication between the two CC2500 modules.

VIDEO 2 : Testing CC25500 Modules using Terminal Software :

CC2500 Modules testing using Terminal Programs


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