In this post we shall review VP812 programmer for loading .Hex file on to the target AVR chip.

This  is a low cost USB programmer & supports wide range of AVR & ATMEL ICs.

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Vp812 has a Mini-B 5pin USB connector for communication.A suitable USB cable is provided with the kit to enable connection with PC.

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Connect the USB cable to the PC and install the driver for the board.VP812 uses a

Prolific 2303HX chip, a full featured USB to RS232 bridge controller.Download the driver for this chip from

As soon as the drivers are installed,under Device manager you can expand Ports & confirm the Prolific port entry.

Image 10

To interface the board we use a program similar to WLPRO software used for programming 8051 chips (details here).

Download the  program from

After installing the VP812 program,double click to start it .

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Click Connect so that the program recognizes  your hardware.If the driver is installed properly ,you get ONLINE mode indication at the right bottom corner.

Image 2

From the Menu under Device click Select Device.

Image 4

A separate window opens up where you select the target Device (ATMega16 in our case).

Image 3

Click on the INFO button and place the IC on the ZIF socket as per diagram.Take care to place the target chip in the correct position.

Image 11

You can also click the Config button to load the Fuse bits configuration.If you want, you can change the tick marks and program the Fuse bits.Before changing any of the Fuse bits be cautious ,as you may spoil the chip.

Image 12

Now click Load button & browse to the location of .Hex file (which is to be burnt on target chip)

Image 5

There are 2 modes of operation Manual & Auto.Under Manual tab you can do the individual tasks like Erase,Read,Program.. by clicking on the relevant Button.

Under Auto tab you can select the tasks to be performed automatically & click Auto Start.

Image 8           Image 9

As per the selection of Tasks the target chip is Programmed.A green LED (marked STA on VP812 board) blinks indicating the Status of programming.

Watch this support Video :

VP812 – AVR USB Programmer


This board can be used for programming ATMEL chips like 89S51,89S52,…

VP812 is the only board that supports programming of Philips chip 89V51RD2.

It even supports some 40 pin PIC IC s like PIC16F877A ,programming in ISP mode.

For availabilty of this Programmer contact :

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