In this post we shall see how to use Atmel Studio6 for creating a new project.Compared to WinAvr this is a huge download.But once installed you’ll appreciate the tools incorporated and the programming wizard is a breeze for AVR program development.

Previously it was called AVR studio.ATMEL Studio 6 is same as its predecessor  AVR Studio5 but for the improved toolchain for developing programs for ARM chips and also includes a QTouch Composer for touch application development .So they call it as a single Studio for 2 Architectures ARM & AVR.

Visual Studio 2010 should be installed prior to Atmel Studio 6.Even if you do not have Visual studio installed in your PC, the installation wizard recognizes this and starts the Visual Studio 2010 installation prior to the actual Atmel Studio.

Watch this video of Studio6 installation :




Here are the actual screenshots of the installation procedure:


1.AtmelStudio6  installer checks for the installation of VisualStudio 2010 in your PC

    Image 1                      Image 2 

2. If VisualStudio2010 is not found then the installer starts the VisualStudio2010 shell setup prior to the actual Atmel Studio setup.

     Follow the wizard and accept the terms and conditions.


Image 3             Image 4


3. Select the  “Full “ configuration of setup.

Image 5 


  4. VisualStudio2010 shell setup process starts to install all required tools 

  Image 6  



     Image 7  


5.Now the installer starts the installation of AtmelUSB

    Image 8


6. Click install .

Image 9         Image 10


7. As soon as the driver software is installed click Finish.

Image 11    Image 12

8. Now the actual ATMELStudio6 installation wizard starts.

 Image 15         Image 16



Image 17      Image 18


9.Go by the wizard till you get the Finish window.

Image 19

10. Now go to All Programs  & under Atmel double click AtmelStudio6.0


11. Now you may get this error window and Studio may close.

Image 20   

12. You have to download the Service Pack 1 by clicking the “ here “ link inside the window.

It is a 300Mb download again (…..hmmm)     

      Image 21

13. You can install the Service pack online.If your broadband speed is good , you can complete the installation within 10 minutes.

You can also download the standalone .iso file for installation.But it is a huge 1.5Gb download.

Image 22 

 Image 23            Image 24


Once the service pack is installed successfully you can go ahead with ATMELStudio 6 usage.