A Blog editor is a simple word processor with tools to add photos,music,video files & more.Todays blog editors are much more powerful as they are capable of editing,publishing & managing multiple blog accounts.ZOUNDRY RAVEN is one such tool that makes posting your blogs easier & faster.

Without any HTML coding,it allows you to create great looking posts.Moreover ,it is opensource software & works on  multiplatform OS (Windows,Linux,Mac).It supports many publishing platforms like WordPress,Blogger,Drupal,Nucleus,etc,.


Adding your Blog Account

First you need to set up for use with your blog.To do this,click File->New->Blog Account to start up New blog site Account Wizard. 


 Type in your Blog URL,say,  https://alselectro.wordpress.com .While entering Url  remember to include http://

In the next window provide your Account name (the name you used to create the wordpress blog).Under Site Type : select the hosted version of WordPress  ie., WordPress.com(hosted) & not the other versions.Provide the Username & password of your blog.


Click Next to start importing your blog data.


Once the blog data is imported you can see your blog account listed under the Account Navigator.


Managing your Blog

In the left pane ,under your Account are the number of Posts,Links & Images.Right pane shows the Blog Summary of your account.Click “Post a new entry to this Blog” to get a Design window from where you launch your post by providing a title.


Make use of the tools in the tool bar to format text,insert image,insert table & finally click the “Publish” button with a green upward arrow.Voila!! your post is published & you can view this blog in the default browser online by clicking the link under Blog summary.

Inbuilt Power Tools

Raven has the ability to paste an image that is on clipboard directly into the blog post.While you create a new post or editing an existing one just press Alt+printscreen together ,which will copy the image of current window to the clipboard.In the Raven editor press ctrl+v or Right click and select paste to get the image inside the editor.

To get additional facilities like adding text,selecting a portion of image & cropping,capturing a portion of the screen ,Google for an image capture & editor softwares like PicPick .

Another fascinating thing about Raven is its ability to be installed as a portable application.To enable this,before installing Raven,plug in a portable device like pendrive.


Start the installation and tick mark “Install Raven as a portable application(Raven2go)” and choose the portable drive as your destination folder & proceed with the installation.

Now you can carry your pendrive installed with Raven and work with your blogpost anywhere.

 Live Writer from Windows Live Essentials

If Your Operating system is Windows7 then you are blessed with Live Writer ,which is a separate download & installation from Windows Live Essentials.


Image 5


Image 6

Image 7

During installation from Windows Live Essentials ,an option window opens where you select only Writer to be installed.

Editing & Posting your blogposts from Live Writer is a breeze.

Watch this video

Windows Live Writer